Icarus (little_luna_cat) wrote in bad_service,


I pulled into my local gas station to fill up on gas. As usual, I slid my card. I punched in my pin. And then it tells me....out of order? Well, ok, so I pull around to another pump, slide my card, put in my pin and...transaction declined?

So I go into the store and explain what happened. One fellow ran outside to check out what was going on, and another told me:

"You know, you should probably learn how to pump gas before you start driving a car"

And me, thinking he was kidding, laughed. That is, until I saw how the guy was staring at me, like I didn't have a single thing going on in my head.

But I brushed it off, while the first guy is running around trying to cancel all the pumps. He has me slide my card inside, but it tells him that my card is already active on the pumps.

"Somebody has your card!" the second guy tells me, "someone has it and is using it!"

I told him that it was impossible for someone to have my card when I was: a. holding it and b. their own computer was telling him it was active on THEIR pumps, but he insisted. In exasperation, I told him thank you and walked out, and on my way out heard him yell after me "thanks for wasting our time!"
Tags: *gas/fueling station, bizzaro
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