mandalf0688 (mandalf0688) wrote in bad_service,

Cashier Suck

I just recently got a new job and needed to buy a few new shirts and pants for it......

So, I traveled to the mall. I was having trouble finding what I wanted so I went into J.C. Penney to check out their sale and somehow luckily found kind of was looking for. I go to the back register and theres one lady being helped and one other in the line in front of me. The lady being helped apparently wants to return a BUNCH of shirts. The cashier is having issues putting them through (and honestly just looks bored to death with life) so I continue to wait...and the line continues to pile up. She asks the customer a series of questions if she bought them from a different store, if she was in the wrong store (sears? lane bryant? (the tags were still on the shirts and the woman had the receipt so no..she was in the correct store)). Never the less...this continues for another 10 minutes, the cashier constantly asking if the woman already exchanged those shirts (obviously not since they are right there on the register) because the tags won't ring up. 

I am surprised because I was somehow patient enough to not say anything to the cashier (this store is almost ALWAYS slow) I was just getting annoyed that the woman never called for a backup cashier to come help the rest of us. So the woman in front of me asks if there is another register we can go to. The cashier turns to her, rolling her eyes and says with a complete attitude "chyea...its up front." So I walk over there behind the first find ANOTHER long line.

The woman in front of me complains about the long line, throws her shirt onto a rack, and walks off finding her friend who is just a few feet away. FINALLY it is almost my turn (there is just one woman in front of me). Her shirt rings up incorrectly and says that the sign said it was on sale. So the cashier says she will look at she begins to return, she stops and sees someone she knows...THE FRIEND OF THE OTHER WOMAN! They begin an animated chat about how one another are doing, how the friend's husband is, how the cashiers new husband is, how she is doing in college, etc etc etc. 0_o....excuse me...are we NOT in line right now? Have i NOT been standing here for 15 minutes waiting?! The elderly woman behind me scoffs in disbelief. And me, just being annoyed and wanting to get out and go home because i have a killer migraine coming on says "oh yes, lets just hold a personal conversation during work hours while we have a line here." The cashier rolls her eyes...AND CONTINUES HER CONVERSATION! 

FINALLY a second cashier comes over to help the growing line. It took another minute or two...but the first cashier got the idea to actually come and do her job.

all over just a huge wtf moment.

Tags: "greatest" cashier evar!, department store
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