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Former Apartment Woes

About a month ago, my husband and I moved from our apartment to our new house. I turned in the keys and they said they would contact me about the security deposit.

Fast forward to today, when I realize that it's been nearly a month and no security deposit back. I call the office, and the woman tells me that a former employee ran off with a bunch of security deposits.

She took my number and said a manager would call me back- it's nearly 5pm and no call. I honestly doubt the manager will call. I have the feeling that they were hoping that I would forget about it. It sounds as if the employee ran off a while ago. Sorry, but I'm not going to just forget about $800.

We'll see what happens. Any advice on what to do if they try to get out of giving me my money back?

*Apartment complex is in Chandler, AZ.
Tags: apartment hell, helpful comments, question
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