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Beneficial mortgage: Actually pretty harmful.

A little over a year ago, my dad got a second mortgage through Beneficial. He added the mortgage life insurance (which any smart fella with Stage IV cancer would do..) and happily made his payment each month.

He died last Thanksgiving, leaving me with his earthly belongings. I dutifully go to the Beneficial office the day after the funeral with a copy of his death cert, and am assured that everything is squared away.

The middle of December: I get a bill. I call the office, and am assured everything's taken care of.
January: "Hey, you're past due!" letter. I call, same thing - It's just processing.
February: "WTF! Pay now!" letter. I call, same thing. But wait, the claim was just approved! So everything's -really- done now.
A few weeks later: I get a letter stating everything is closed, and get a check for a portion of the insurance premium, 'cause it was prorated to the day he died.

Today, I get a frantic call from my roommate. We got a letter from some lawyer threatening to foreclose on the house, reposess my cats, and sue us for everything we've got. So I called them up.

First rep says it'll take a week, she'll e-mail her manager to contact the insurance, but that I should call the insurance company anyway just to make sure. So I do.
Second call, the guy asks to speak to my dad (after hearing my story and looking up the account) before telling me that I have the wrong department.
Third call, the insurance rep tells me it's all on Beneficial - They don't have account info - They pay what Beneficial asks for.
Fourth call: Beneficial rep tells me I've got the wrong department, and transfers me to Care. The call drops.
Fifth call: Beneficial rep tells me to wait the week like the first lady says. She transfers me to Care. The call drops.
Sixth call: Dropped after pressing 1 for English.
Seventh call: Dropped again.
Eighth call: Decided to oprima el numero dos for Espanol.

In the end, I spoke to a fabulous rep who was able to find out the problem, based on my crappy Spanglish storytelling. Nobody ever zeroed out the December or January bills. She applies an adjustment, and I'm good to go.

I hope.

I'd recommend you shy away from Beneficial... But they're no longer initiating loans. Go figure.
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