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12 months, 13's all the same thing, right?

I'm extremely frustrated with the leasing office of my apartment complex right now. We signed on our last lease renewal on 6/1/08, for a one-year term. And we haven't even received the paperwork to renew again. Last year we had to go in and ask about it, but it did eventually show up. I've now called the office twice and the extremely flaky woman who runs it has "taken messages" to show to the property manager. I strongly suspect that the manager never sees them. I am going to visit them in person on Friday, but the property manager is rarely there and whoever runs the office dodges my questions about how I can reach the manager.

Can someone with more renting experience help me understand what's going on here? (I am located in NYS, if that matters.) If I understand correctly, my old lease expired on either May 31st or June 1st of this year. Either way, I already paid for June's rent (this was before I pulled out my paperwork and saw the exact date of signing) and July's rent will be due soon. Legally, what position am I in? As far as I understand, there's no written agreement covering this time. Or have I automatically defaulted to a month-to-month somehow?

I tried to look up regulations for lease renewals, but all I can find is laws regarding rent-controlled properties, which this is not. I have no idea if they are obligated to offer us a renewal or how to handle this in-between time. The only hint I found in their paperwork is a line on the old renewal that states we must give 30 days notice if we don't wish to renew our lease. So would my failure to do so constitute an implicit agreement to stay, even if they haven't offered us a renewal?

Thanks in advance for the venting space/advice. :)
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