Nothing's gonna change my world... (justmanda) wrote in bad_service,
Nothing's gonna change my world...

Car Side to Go?....How bout no..... boyfriend and I both worked late yesterday so he gallantly offered to pick up take out for dinner. I was craving Applebees' Spinach Artichoke Dip so he called in the order. After he hung up he said "Odd. They didn;t ask for the make/model of my car"...i thought that was strange but know that they sometimes don't run the food out late at night. It was about 9:30 and told him he should probably go inside to pick it up.

He gets there (call it 9:45) and waits 5 minutes in the car. Then proceeds inside to the bar. Waits. The bartender is nowhere to be found. I get a text at 10:00 saying "Still waiting". Finally the bartender appears and he asks about the order. She disappears and doesn't come back. About 10:10 he grabs the host and asks about the order. Host disappears into the kitchen. Comes back a few minutes later and says it'll be ready in "just a few minutes". At 10:25(!!!!!!!!!) the bartender returns with the food. one apologized about the wait or said a word. My boyfriend is fairly happy to avoid any sort of conflict whatsoever...and finally has the food...AND is hungry so he hurries home.

We start unloading the food and EVERYTHING had been MICROWAVED!!! How do i know? Because the styrofoam container that my SpinDip came in was all mutated/holey from microwaving. My boyfriend's burger bun was INCREDIBLY soggy (like falling apart...and not at all in any edible condition), and NOTHING was crispy....

I called the restaraunt LIVID and asked for the manager. I was hung up on twice. and then gave up.
Anyone have any ideas what I can do from here?
I mean...I know I am not going to die and at least I got my food. But I <3 Applebees and was VERY disappointed. Not to mention annoyed!

Tags: *restaurant, commenter can't read, helpful comments, question
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