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first time reader and poster. here's some repetitive bad service. (due to its repetitive nature, it's lengthy.)

i go to the drop off window of the pharmacy and leave my prescription which is for prenatal vitamins. the woman tells me to come back in twenty minutes. i come back in twenty minutes and the cashier i approach (after waiting in a line of about seven people with the SLOWEST cashier i've ever seen) says "it isn't ready yet; wait to the side and we'll let you know when it's done." i'm a little annoyed with this, but i understand that things get busy and just wait off to the side. ten minutes pass, fifteen minutes, twenty minutes again... i go back in line and give my information again, and the cashier now tells me "we need to speak with your doctor because we don't have this brand of vitamins she recommended, so we need to see if we can substitute with another. could you please step to the side while we call?" i say, okay. why didn't you do that after you realized you didn't have it? when the line dies down, about 15 minutes afterward, i ask to speak with the pharmacist. the pharmacist says "we called and it can't be substituted. you'll have to come back tomorrow after 2." i'm pissed, at this point, that it took almost an hour in walmart and i still didn't get what i went there for, and that they don't let me know when they can't substitute it, but i leave and figure i'll just go tomorrow afternoon.

tomorrow afternoon arrives! i go to walmart and give my name. guess who doesn't have my prescriptions yet - at 4 (after 2, yes?). now i just don't know why i'm bothering w/ this place. i ask them if i can have my prescription back, and they assure me it'll be here tomorrow. so i say fine and just leave, again. i should have asked my doctor to just write another one so i can go elsewhere, to prevent future situations like this, but it's the closest pharmacy and cheapest prescription. the next day, i go again, and it's the cashier i had the first time again. she takes my information and can't find it. lol. through all the bags listed under the letter "M," she has difficulty finding my last name. i stand there watching her move the bags back and forth for about five minutes before she comes back to the counter and says "i can't find it." i just say "this is ridiculous." another woman from behind the counter asks for my name, looks through the bags, and WHAT THE HELL DO YOU KNOW... FINDS IT. i pay for it, thank the lady who can read, and leave.

every month i need to refill my script, so i go back and don't have problems, however if i don't hear at least one person complaining every single time i'm there...? "I called in a prescription yesterday, they said it would be ready by now." "I'm sorry, we never got the call / I'm sorry, it's not here / I can't find it / It's out of stock."

the most recent one, which brought back the memories of my bad service as well as the bad service of others i have seen.

i used to travel 25 miles to a different pharmacy for my boyfriend's medication. when he had his last dr.'s visit, i told him to update the pharmacy so it's within the same city and not a waste of so much gas. he does. this is on a friday. his doctor calls in the prescription to the pharmacy and he said "it should be ready by the time you get there" (as, i'm assuming, a pharmacist relayed the message to the doctor). we get there, and lo and behold, they're out of stock of the item. they ask us to go back on monday after 2. we were pretty busy monday, so we didn't go. tuesday, at 9 am, we went. we figured... hey, the pharmacy just opened, there will be no lines, and the pills should be ready since it was supposed to be ready yesterday! he gives his name, and at first, the cashier says "it's out of stock." he just looks at her blankly. then i say, "it should be there." she responds, "well, it isn't." then i mention "that's what you guys said friday, and that we should come back on monday after 2. we're here tuesday at 9." she went back to check and said, "oh, we have it in stock now. give us a few minutes." i sit down on the bench and wait. there are five (count 'em, FIVE) people behind the pharmacy counter that i can see. i don't know what goes on with filling prescriptions, but i know that you need to print out the effects, label the bottle, count the pills, make sure they're the correct pills, etc. we waited 30 minutes while pills made their way into a bottle before we got them... while one person was working, two were sitting and laughing, the pharmacist was fixing an order for another man (who left pissed off, cursing, because he was supposed to pick up three prescriptions today and they only had one ready for him, and he was told they'd all be ready that day) and one cashier was standing at the counter with nothing to do. so, they ask if this is the first time he's been there and he said he transferred from one pharmacy to this one, but with the same company. the girl says "then we wont need to run your insurance." which sort of makes sense to me because i figure the same co. should have the same systems running just with different locations. that's not the case and the woman ends up charging $120 for $50 pills. he says "that's not right. i've never paid that before." and the cashier stares at him and says, "yes, it IS right. that's the price. that's what you gotta pay." and he says, "no, i've taken these pills before, and they have always been $50. these are refills for me. they're $50." and she asks, "do you have insurance?" he responds with "yes, but you said it's already in there." she says "i need your insurance card... you need to go home and get it and we'll have to do this again." and turns around. he says "excuse me" and she comes back, annoyed, saying "YES?!" and he pulls out his insurance card to show her. she runs it through and ends up coming to the correct price, now, which is the $50. i just laugh and comment how i've never seen so many dumbasses in one store in my whole life. the woman in line behind me smiles and says she'll never refill in this pharmacy, and that she's glad to know she's not the only one who has had problems before.

the pharmacist is not the problem. it's mainly the cashier (who is always there, god knows why.) sorry it was so long. that needed to be let out a long time ago.
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