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Some Hooters

So today my dad, brother and I were downtown and went to the Hooters on Adelaide in Toronto. We got in around 1pm, were seated quickly and had our orders taken right away (we knew what we wanted). The drinks come by fine and dandy, but after 30 minutes we're still waiting for our uber-simple order of 20 wings.

Ok, so we asked for them well done, so maybe it will take a little longer. So we wait some more.
And wait. And wait.

35 minutes have passed since we placed our order, and considering the simplicity of it, this is far too long. Our waitress by now has stopped by a few times and told us "oh, they're almost done, they'll be out in a few minutes." Yeah right. We flag the manager down and tell him about the situation, how we had been there with no food while people with more complicated orders that came in after us had already been served.

Dad: We've been here since 1 and our food's not here. It's creeping up on 50 minutes, now. This is unacceptable.
Me: yeah, those people there came in after us and were served before us! We only ordered 20 wings!
Manager: *condescending tone* Umm, well maybe the receipt has been lost, I'll go and find it and see what time you placed the order...let me go look for your order.
Dad: We've been here since 1, you don't need to check the receipt.
Manager: ...

So we wait some more as the wings are really good there and I'm hoping to get the food for free. But this is getting ridiculous. We were really offended by the way the manager said he'd "check the time on our receipt" as if we were lying about being there for that long. We weren't lying. By this time we're getting pretty upset, and rightfully so. We're starving and being ignored by staff and manager alike.

The waitress comes back a few more times, each time with the same lame ass excuse that they'll be out in just a minute, she doesn't seem concerned or anything at all. The last time she comes up and tries to explain "Well, it just got really busy all of a sudden, so we're trying to..." My dad and I simultaneously interrupt her because the place is definitely not busy. At all. In fact, the big party had just left and the place wasn't even half full. And we told her so, including the fact that if the food wasn't out in 5 minutes we would be leaving.

We flag down the manager again and ask about our food and tell him the same thing, but I don't remember what his response was. Probably said he was going to check again, because clearly, he didn't before.

We've had it by then. We've been there over an hour after we ordered our simple food, with no results. My dad and brother get up and leave, and I'm just a little slower getting my coat on, etc. when the waitress comes by all frantic-like because she just noticed us leaving.

Her: Wait! *pathetically* They'll be out in a second and you can have them for free if you stay!
Me: We should have had them for free after 30 minutes. This is unacceptable. *icy glare of death, exits*

I just couldn't believe it. The food and service are supposed to be great there, my dad & bro have been many times before, and this is what happens to us. Some impression. An apathetic and pathetic manager, a useless waitress and no food. It was shit for customer service, which boils my blood. I'm a forgiving person, but this was too much. And the other people around us didn't even notice. I'm all for being a good customer, but we should have made a big stink about all of this, but we just didn't have time.

I'm considering contacting the real management or corporate about this, but I'm just not sure it's worth my time. However, I shall make sure I tell everyone NOT to go there as often as I can.
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