Rebecca (theniwokesoftly) wrote in bad_service,

Midas Auto Service in Annandale, VA

I had the oil in my car changed today. Last time, I had to wait fifteen minutes for them to take my car into the garage and I still only waited about 45 minutes total. This time, the car was in the service bay within five minutes of me getting there (I could see all of this as it happened), but I still had to wait over two hours. About twenty or twenty-five minutes of this was them waiting for a new filter, which is totally understandable- I'm paying for them to replace the filter, they were out, I waited so that I could have it. Plus, they told me why the car was sitting there with no-one working on it, which was very good of them. But the vast majority of the time I was there, they kept starting the engine, keeping it on for a minute, and then turning it back off. I couldn't figure out why until one guy pulled the car out, gave me back my keys, and said "We can't figure out how to turn the oil light off. So it's still on." Um, NO. I pulled out the manual and gave it to the guy who'd told me that, and he came out and messed with it for another five minutes or so before saying he still didn't know. He went and got the manager, who fixed in less than a minute. I waited an extra hour for that? They could have asked the manager earlier, or asked me about the manual earlier (I'm totally ok with them asking rather than looking through the car for it, I have no problem with them not looking).

I also really don't understand why he felt the need to adjust the seat, the steering wheel, AND the radio station. He had to drive it all of fifty feet. The seat and the radio were easy enough, but I didn't know how to adjust the wheel and had to pull over and pull out the manual to do so because I was having trouble reaching the top.
Tags: car/truck repair
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