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Wal Mart Electronic Suck/WTF

blah blah blah...lurked, liked, now posting, hi I'm new :) 
...sorry to have taxed your eyes for 5 seconds while you read that
EDIT:  Not really seeing much in the way of overdefensive here, unless any sort of sticking up for oneself is to be considered "over defensive".  "Overt Sarcasm" perhaps, but that's about it.  If people choose not to believe that idiots work at WalMart who don't know what they're doing then feel free to keep doing so.  As far as the "first comment" opener, I understood it to be a courtesy, as well as a buffer against nitpicky replies about silly errors (though it obviously didn't work)

A post reminded me of a hell of a time I had once trying to find an MP3 Player about 6 months ago (as in...they'd been around long enough for people to know what they are...)  I had researhced and found ones that work with Windows Media b/c I have an old computer and few things work with it.  I foudn a few that I wanted to take a look at and saw that Walmart had the lowest prices so off I went to their Electronics Section.  If anything's wrong, let me know, not terribly technologically competent

Me - hmm...
ECW = Electronically Challenged Worker

Me - *walk into Electronics, no one there, wait a few minutes, then go ask someone to be paged*
ECW - *looks annoyed* Can I help you?  (nametag says "asst manager of electronics)
Me - I am looking for an MP3 Player
ECW - I don't think we sell those...what is it?  (WTF?!?!?!?!?!?)
Me - Umm...little thing that holds a lot of music, you load it with your computer
ECW - *blank and glazed over*
Me - Ooookkkk....I'll just go look and see where they are and let you know when I need the case unlocked...
ECW - *dissappears again*

So I look, find them, but not the one that I wanted, but I ask for the worker again and wait 10 minutes for him to show up

Me - I found them over here, but you don't have the size I wanted
ECW - OH!!!!   You meant an IPOD...Yeah, these are the IPOD brands that we have  (wow!)....I didn't realize they had different sizes, I thought they just came in different colors (Double wow!!!...ie: he thought I meant dimension size and not memory size...)
Me - could you search the computers and see if they have [specific brand and size] at a different location
ECW - sure, right over here (still acting like I'm annoying him by asking for help)...*goes to computer, opens some search or whatever, and types "empee three playa", I kid you not!*
Me - actually, it's the letter M, the letter P, the number 3, and player has an R at the end
ECW - oh.....*crickets*....*waits a minute and types "MP3 Playar"
Me - OK then...thanks for your help, have a great day *buys from Amazon*

I'm sure the "Asst. Manager" thing was BS, or he was just wearing someone else's nametag b/c they were short or something but...in 2008, how hard is it to know certain things??

Tags: defensive much?, dialogue seems slightly... exaggerated, no one cares it's your first time, spell-check is hard you gaiz!, wal*mart/tarjay/costco
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