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T-Mobile Really Does Suck

I've vented about my frustration with T-Mobile on my personal account, but really this needs to get out.

In January of this year I decided to port off of T-Mobile. I was under no contract at the time. So guess what they do? In February, they deny my request claiming the social security number was invalid on the port request form. The only problem is that I actually wrote the form and saved a hard copy of this. The information is crystal clear. As such, I have to re-coordinate a new port out request which drags my service out another two months. Of course you can't cancel your account before the port completes or you get screwed.

In a nutshell, T-Mobile unlawfully denied my porting request, then charged me for service until a second porting request could complete. I've talked with T-Mobile corporate, filed a BBB complaint, and now T-Mobile has started harassing my family at another number. My dad told them to fuck off :D Gotta love him! T-Mobile corporate didn't even bother reading my last letter, and sent some blanket statement out to me. It was actually very disappointing to read the letter today. Not to mention that its impossible to actually -talk- to someone at T-Mobile corporate.

In most cases, the company can handle small problems via customer support and financial care, but god forbid you encounter anything serious, you will encounter a road full of suck and fail. By the way, I ported my number over to a service called OOMA.com and saved thousands of dollars in cell phone charges. Something like this frustrates me over the principal of the thing.

Oh, and any advice or help you guys could give, would be fantastic. Thanks in advance.
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