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I've dealt with everything from bad waitresses to a company that refused to refund my $100 never-received product, all without feeling the need to vent. Last night took the cake, though. My chest started hurting so badly I was in tears, and I didn't want to go to the ER at 1 am, wait for 3 hours, only to be told it was acid reflux or something equally silly.

Dear university health receptionist,

If I call the emergency medical hotline and say that I need advice on whether I should be going to the ER or not, why the bloody hell would you transfer me to the ER knowing full well they can't help me?!?!?! Instead, I sat on hold for what seemed like forever, going through phone system after phone system, all the while scared to death because my chest hurt VERY BADLY, only to be told NOTHING!! You KNOW they can't give advice over the phone! Why didn't you just transfer me to the nurse who could?? I hate you and you suck.

No love,

The girl who really hopes last night was nothing more than acid reflux.
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