Mustard, Actually (saint_aura) wrote in bad_service,
Mustard, Actually


409 bus driver,

I've been standing here, at the bus stop on the corner of Parramatta Road & William Street for ten minutes.

I broke my foot at work on Saturday night. The only reason I'm even here now is that we have a staff meeting. I'm quite clearly on crutches, & it fucking sucks omg.

The reason I'm standing is that if I sit, I can't get up from the bus shelter (which is set back from the big yellow bus stop sign) in time to signal for the bus to stop. There's a blind corner, & I figured I wouldn't be waiting too long.

I balanced awkwardly, & stuck out my arm to signal when you finally did arrive. So why the fuck did you go past me?!

Now my underarms ache & it's all your fault. I hope you DIAF :(

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Tags: call 911 hurp durp!, mod freeze, my milkshake does not bring all the boys, public transit, wank

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