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Buying Concert Tickets is FUN!

So, the other day, my grandma gave me some money for helping her out all year. Like, $300. I figured, yay, now I can afford to buy a decent seat for the American Idol tour! (Don't judge me, I only want to see like 2 of the people performing.)

Anyway, I looked at tickets at a lot of places, since there are tons of locations for this tour within driving distance of me. Finally I settled on one in Philly, since the main reason I wanted to go again is because I know people going. Not a lot of people sell single tickets, so I had to be picky about which listings were good. x_X I paid for it, got the confirmation email... And in the confirmation email, it lists the wrong day, a seat and row I didn't order, and the location said ALBANY! WTF?! I am not driving to Albany for a concert!

So I emailed their customer support immediately (within 5 minutes of getting the email) and told them that I got a confirmation email for something I did not order, and asked for it to be cancelled. Their response? We don't do refunds, sorry, maybe you can re-sell it on our sister website. Oh, and they shipped the ticket this morning, despite my telling them not to.

So, I called up their customer service number first thing this morning. I got put on hold by person #1, transferred by person #2, and called an idiot by the manager I spoke to, who basically told me it's not their fault I don't know how to use the internet. Silly me, expecting the thing that was on the page with "Click here to confirm your order" to be the thing that I was actually buying, how stupid could I be?! -_-;

Next step... I suppose filing a dispute with my bank. I paid with a debit Mastercard, not a real credit card, so this should be fun. (Edit: I also filed a complaint with the BBB already.)

Never deal with http://www.clickitticket.com/ - StubHub may cost more but their customer service doesn't hide behind their Terms and Conditions if a web error sells you the wrong thing. -_-
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