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I used to work in a call center. Because of working in this call center, I am aware of the laws pertaining to when businesses are legally allowed to call their customers. Businesses are allowed to make phone calls to individuals between the times of 8AM and 9 PM. Most businesses go by their customer's address. If, say, someone's billing address states they are in California and live in Pacific time, yet their phone number is, say, a Texas phone number, you are to call this person at 8AM Pacific time, at the earliest.

This morning, I received a call at 7:04 AM. From JCPenney credit services, a call center for the company of JCPenney. I didn't check the phone number when I answered the phone, if I had seen it was a 1-800 number, I would have shut off the phone and not answered it. But, alas, I did not.

To make this simpler, I put the conversation in script format! And behind a cut!

Me - Me, of course!
JCP: ...well. JCPenney.

Me: -rather groggily- ...hello?
JCP: Hello! This is _____ from JCPenney Credit Card services! May I speak to _____ ______?
Me: That's me. Aren't you supposed to call me after 8, at the earliest?
JCP: It is 8:04, and I was just contacting you to let you know...
Me: No. It is 7:04. I live in Arizona, which is currently in Pacific time.
JCP: No it's not. It is 8:04. Did you realize...
Me: -cuts off again- It is definitely not 8. My phone, clock, and computer all state that it is 7.
JCP: Judging by your area code, you are in Mountain time, and therefore it is 8.
Me: -groans- Are you seriously telling me what time it is where I am? I just moved here from New Mexico, where it is indeed 8 AM. I have since changed my billing address to one that is in Pacific time, and I have not changed my cell phone number. IT IS 7 AM!
JCP: No. Its. Not.
Me: -click-

Perhaps not the most terrible service ever, but it bugged the crap out of me. Didn't she think I knew what time it was where I lived?

Edited for dumb typo. Oops. I was up far too early this morning.
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