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"yeah, hello? you can talk to ME, I'm the customer."

I've been keeping track of this community but suppose I have something to add now so I've finally joined it.

I just got a job at a pretty nice department clothing store. I work in women's and the girls are getting friendly with me and sharing little stories that happen to them with the customers. Today, one of the girls tells me a story with the expectation that I'm going to agree the customer was being outrageous (sorry but I pretended to agree just to be polite to her) but she just ended up irritating me really. I thought her behavior deserved her being put on here.
The worker was called up to customer service because a customer had a ticketing issue with an item from the women's department. The customer gave her an attitude so she wasn't pleased but she went to the back and tried to find out the problem with the ticket. It basically wasn't solvable for whatever reason (couldn't hear what she was saying,  talking too fast) so she goes back to customer service but stops to talk to a guy who works at customer service to share the little gossip about what a bitch the customer was being about her problem, but does it RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE CUSTOMER. I don't think the customer heard her TALKING about her, but she did SEE her go up to the other employee to talk to him about whatever genially (obviously not seriously and businessy) before returning to help her. The customer says to her "yeah, hello? you can talk to ME, I'm the customer, right here." and she says to her with an attitude something like "ahah, no. I'm talking to him first, then I'll talk to you."

she ends with "isn't that ridiculous??!" and she expected that I was going to be shocked that the customer was being so rude to her.
yeah, no. you're a stupid bitch.

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