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More WTF at the Iggle

So I went to Giant Eagle again today and have discovered that their store is wonderful and they have clean and wide aisles and all manner of exciting food, but their freaking customer service is awful.  They NEVER have enough lanes open.  Their self-checkouts are always open but they're such a pain in the ass-- you can't scan your own produce and nobody's there to bag your stuff, but it makes you stop scanning because "the bagging area is full" so you have to go bag your shit while the machine shouts at you every few seconds that "IF YOU ARE FINISHED, SCAN COUPONS OR HIT FINISH AND PAY.  IF YOU ARE FINISHED, SCAN COUPONS OR HIT FINISH AND PAY."  Over and over.  Ugh.

So I'm waiting at one of the five lanes they have open.  The lines have stretched back into the aisles and everyone has a cart full of stuff.  After twenty minutes, I am one person from the front.  I put my magazine down in preparation to load my stuff onto the belt behind the guy in front of me, and then the kid at the cash turns his light off, puts up his sign, and says "Sorry, this lane is closing now.  I have to go on break."

WHAT.  There are four people behind me.  You're not sixteen; you don't HAVE to go on break OMGRITENAO.  If you HAVE to close, tell the last person in line to tell anyone who comes up that the lane is closing.  You finish taking care of the customers IN LINE.  I waited literally twenty minutes in that line.  There are only four actual cashes open now, TWO OF WHICH are express lanes!  And most of the people here have a bunch of stuff!  So I just kind of goggled at him and then went to the self-checkout, which of course failed to f*cking work properly and flipped out over my beef tenderloin.  When a manager came over to respond to the flashing light, I asked if people normally cut off whole lines of customers when they went on their breaks.  She said "No, they're supposed to tell the last person in line not to let anyone else get in the line.  Why?"  Ah.  I see.  I told her that the lovely young man had told me, when I finally got to the front of his line, that he could not serve me or the four people behind me because he was going on break.  She seemed to know exactly who I was talking about and apologized, saying she had spoken to him about the same thing before.  Still.

AUGHHUAHGBLUGH.  Customer service, learn you some.  (The kid, not the manager.)
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