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This isn't totally horrible, but quite annoying.

We received a call a couple weeks ago about switching our internet service for this promotion. I enjoyed talking to the rep about the crappy weather and then giving the information required. He ended the call rather abruptly which made his attempts at small talk seem very insincere.

We got a call back to make the appointment for a technician to come install the internet, and authorize my name on his account because the initial rep I spoke with didn't check into it. My boyfriend and I were both working on the day they were available, but I decided to take that morning off since our appointment was "between 8am and 12noon". Well that was a mistake because nobody showed up. I understand that vague appointment times are necessary because prior jobs may take longer, but if you're not going to make it, don't you think a courtesy call is appropriate?

I called the place that scheduled the date, which is in another city, and she had me on hold for 15 minutes so she could call the tech to find out what happened. Apparently he was held up on an important commercial job but he would be by this afternoon. I told her that I had to go back to work so we'd have to reschedule and she apologized for the inconvenience and appreciated me being understanding of the situation.

The new appointment was scheduled for yesterday, and the voicemail we received said "between 12noon and 4:30pm". At least my boyfriend was off work.

Guess who didn't show up?

I called them again and spoke with a guy who put me on hold to find out. Again, the tech was held up on another job but he would be back the next morning sometime between 8am and 12noon. He talked himself in circles as he said it might have been a family emergency but the tech is gone for the day but I could call back in the morning to find out more about it.

I told him not to bother sending the tech beacuse we'll stick with our current service. kthxbai

All he said was "Okay, bye."

My boyfriend texted me this morning to say that the tech showed up. I figured we were going ahead with it anyway and asked if they were just setting the internet up and would be coming back to install the new jack we needed in another room.

Nope, my boyfriend sent him packing. LOL.
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