Anlimarey (vodkabeforenoon) wrote in bad_service,

Reason why I would not purchase another Hyundai.

I always felt Hyundai dealerships fall short when it comes to just plain decency.
Here are my reasons why I would not purchase another vehicle from Hyundai:

1. First oil change at dealership they forgot to put cap back on. So I drove six miles home with oil dripping out. When I found out what happen I brought the car back to the dealership. They put back on the cap but never replaced the oil! At first they denied it was them that forgot the cap.

2. My battery was replaced for free by Hyundai. Oh that was nice! Well no, they solder my battery so I was unable to replace it myself. I had to roll my car to gas station across the street to have it professionally replaced. The mechanic was baffled of why the battery was soldered. I mentioned this shitty service to another mechanic and he seems not surprised. He said it was their norm but would not give information why they do such a shitty thing.

3. My car has magically not started six times within the same month after my car was service at Hyundai. Each time I had a tow truck take it to the dealership. Each time the dealership said nothing was wrong. They look at me like I was nuts. But even the tow truck guy could not start the car. Finally after I complained to practically everyone in the dealership the car magically worked and stops having problems.

These issues have happen in Buffalo, NY and Scottsdale, AZ. So to me this is an issue with all their dealerships. I was especially upset when a mechanic knew of my complaints as if it was just the norm for Hyundai. I am also upset how rude they were when it came to offering service. They regularly call saying I had to get service with them and not any other mechanic if I wanted to keep my warrantee.
Tags: car/truck repair, car/truck sales
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