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I hate car dealerships.

Not huge bad service but still annoying.

We went a couple Saturdays ago to look at this Mustang in an ad. Long story short, we like it, we buy it. The only problem is that it has some big paint chips all over the hood. They said that they would fix it if we bring it back in. Great right?

We bring it back in the following Tuesday. We called twice on Tuesday just to check up on it so we could make sure we had a ride down there if it's done. No one from the dealership calls us back, at all, all day long. So we go down there at 7:30pm since its only 5 minutes away to check up on it. The guy had been working on it all day. And instead of just doing the job right and sanding it down, he tried to do anything he could other than doing it the right way. The hood was painted but it wasn't the right color, the clear coat was bubbly and the paint was blushing. I was not happy. They wanted to keep it another night and try again. I said no dice because I had an appointment the next day to take it in to get tint, spoiler and GT exhaust. So I take my car home. The next day I take it to my appointment and the guy there says that this color is really hard to match and that it needs to be completely sanded all the way down.

Fast forward to this Monday. I drop it off Monday night so they can have it all day Tuesday. I called once or twice to check up on it and I can't get a hold of anyone and no one calls me back, all day, again. So when I show up at 7:30pm they finally tell me that they had to take it to a body shop to get it done, because instead of doing it the right way, he tries to do the exact same thing he did the last week and it turns out crap again. I said that it would have been nice to get a phone call. I get a shrug in reply and they say it will be done by Wednesday morning.

Wednesday morning comes and goes and no phone call. I called 3 during the day wanting to talk to someone, and I finally get through to someone! But they tell me it won't be done until TODAY. By now I'm getting pissed. It shouldn't be taking this long. I'm hoping it will be done this afternoon but who knows.

I wouldn't be so pissed if they would just CALL ME, instead of just shipping my car here and there and not telling me anything or just giving me a simple update. Plus if they would have just done it right in the first place by sanding it instead of just trying to cover it up, it would have been done a 2 weeks ago. I'm very protective of my vehicles, especially my Mustangs. Needless to say that car dealership won't be getting my business anymore.

I didn't see any rules about pictures, if its not allowed I'll delete it. But I added a picture so you can see the color they were trying to match.

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