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Very Nice Treatment~

Okay, it was a good day today but a certain lady at my collage ruined it~ >.>

I'm currently studying BS Nursing at a school near UST Manila, Philippines. I have just enrolled last week and when i looked at the certificate of registration and the assesment of fees, my Nat. Sci Lecture and Lab don't have a room. So when i classes started this monday, i hope that they will post something about this (It was like that from my previous schools if ever there is a problem w/ the subjects or they will post where students will go if ever) but i saw none. This morning i finally called the college (please take note that i have translated the conversation with that person):

Lady: Good Morning
Me: Good Morning. I just want to ask what my room is for subject Nat. Sci Lecture and Nat. Sci Lab? There is no indication of w/c room the subjects are assigned to.
Lady: What is the subject code?
$Me: ah? code?
Lady: Go here and ask me. (rude tone)
Me: eh?
Lady: Go here and ask me. You should go to school and ask me directly~ (rude tone)
*Me: Where are you? What room or office are you? Where floor and building is that? {Who are you?}
**Lady: Just go to school... blah blah blah (rude tone)
Me: Where are you? What room or office are you? Where floor and building is that?
Lady: Lady: Just go to school... blah blah blah (rude tone)
Me: Where are you in school?
***Lady: Where are you right now? (rude tone)
Me: I'm... I'm at home right now.
**,***Lady: What? Where are you ?Blah blah blah (rude tone)
#I switched to the phone bec i was using the loud speaker and i was ashamed that i was being speaked to that way. But the cord is deffective... so i have to hold the cord in place while i talk but the person on the other side put the phone down. >.>

$What the heck is the code is she talking about? I don't know what that is or where to find it~
*I'm a new student! I don't know my way in there! Go where? Who the hell is she anyway?
**She said her name and kept saying that i should go to school and i didn't really listen coz i really don't want to see her or i might really lose my cool~ >.>
***To me, it sounded like she thinks that i'm slacking off! Hello, my morning subjects don't have a room! So where do i go? And who is she to ask my where abouts!? I don't even know her! Even though she is the school's staff, that is still private information. I know she's gonna say that "Oh, you're only at home. Why don't you get you're arse here?"
#Yeah, she put down the phone. I was still talking to her, i actually wanted to do that because i'm really irritated but i didn't cause i don't want to be rude. But i'm glad that our conversation is over~ Don't want to talk to her!

I'm really angry and irritated right now! The lady have a point but it's not my fault that two of my subjects are roomless! And now that stupid lady is bossing me around! THAT IS NO WAY TO TALK TO PEOPLE! She could've told me in a nice way like "Please go to room/office to know your room." But no, she chose to be bossy and rude~ I should've called the Admin Office instead of the "NURSING" Department, at least the people there are nice. ^^
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