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Planned Parenthood

So maybe I am missing something about the way Planned Parenthood operates, but this irritated me a lot. If I am missing a piece of this puzzle, I would like to know it!!
Recently, I moved from city A to city B. As I don't have insurance, I went to Planned Parenthood in city A for my birth control needs while I lived around there. Now i live about an hour's drive away from that health center. Right after I moved, I made a call to a Planned Parenthood line and asked that my info be sent from health center in city A to health center in city B. Whoever I was on the line with told me it was done. That was Monday, during business hours (around 2 o'clock).

Directly after that call, I called the birth control supply line for health center B and left my info on their answering machine. They say you should allow 2 days for them to process the refill. On Thursday, I went into health center B to pick up my refills. There is a girl and a guy behind the counter. The girl looks through the files and such and says they don't have any of my info. What?? She says she'll call health center A to get them. So I go to sit down and wait.. and wait.. and wait... finally, after being snapped at when I asked about the status of my issue, they say they got the info, but they don't carry my kind of birth control. I mention that I asked for my file to be sent from A to B on monday, and the guy says "they were on the verge of sending it today." (whaa??)

The guy is really rude and snappy when he asks me what I want to do- do I want him to write a prescription? I ask if there is another planned parenthood nearby that has my birth control. He turns to the girl and asks her if health center C carries my brand. She shrugs and he says he'll write a prescription. He kind of intimidated me so I decided not to fight it (dumb, I know, but he was talking to me like he was the bad cop in an interrogation).

I waited some more for the doctor on duty to sign off on it and went to CVS.. I ended up with the generic version of my birth control because I couldn't afford to pay $110 for it there.

Okay, guys, am I missing something ? Does anyone know if there is a reason they would wait 3 days to send my info after telling me it's done? And I can't help but wonder who goes through the recordings on the supply line-- someone must have heard my recording for my refills and known that health center B didn't even have my file OR carry my birth control. I guess they just ignore it when things like that come up.

What a waste of time. I actually think I'll be going back to health center A from now on. The drive is worth it to get to people who have some idea of what they are doing.
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