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Dear Photo processing manager..

Dear  Assistant Manager of  Iris, a local photography store that processes film in store....  This particular location has an open area processor, and a small waiting area to the side, which is the only reason I hard this little gem.

Perhaps you do not care, but I consider it bad service, and complete and utter dishonesty, when your processor ruins 3 rolls of my black+white film, by simply not paying attention to his job.   If it had been a mistake I would've understood, but texting and talking on a cell while processing film is not smart.   The  dishonesty?  That part came when  I heard your employee talking to another about it, and the second employee telling the first to just. "toss it, and tell em you lost the film".  

I especially did not appreciate your telling me that my film did not matter, and that I should be able to just take em again.   

Thanks a fucking lot.  Now I have to tell my client that her film is ruined, and now I get to do the reshoot on my dime.

For the record, I do use digital, but this particular client requested old school.  I need my old studio/processor  back...sighs 
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