Sailor Vivi (sailorvivi) wrote in bad_service,
Sailor Vivi

How rude -ticked off-

Dear Tactless Deli lady,

You must really hate your job. And your life. But, despite all this, it is not fair of you to insult my mom, a paying customer who doesn't suck, for absolutely no reason. My mom is sensitive about her hair as it is because in the past people have asked her if she wanted the senior selections. So she went and made an effort to regain her confidence by having her hair cut nice and coloured. How dare you tell her, "Well, you're all fuzzed up today, huh?" Her hair is not fuzzy, and even if she had it fuzzed 6 ft on top of her head, it's not your business to point it out. You do your job, leave personal comments in your own head. Thank you for undoing all the good that she had accomplished in making herself feel better. You represent your place of business quite well.

Disgruntled Daughter

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