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Two Stories In One!

Okay, so I'm actually posting this from a story my friend's uncle told me.

And let me just start by saying that I hope I'm not the only one annoyed by restaurants who immediately include gratuity whether or not the wait-staff sucked.

So...the story:

My friend's uncle, his wife, and a couple of other friends went out to dinner one day (there was about 6 of them in total).

They walk into the restaurant, and don't have to wait, and are asked for their drink orders (so far so good right?).  They begin the wait for their drinks and to order their appetizers. Here comes the waitress, takes the appetizer orders (buffalo wings, onion rings, and chili poppers). She walks off and they are still waiting for their drinks. She begins to help another table...then another... then FINALLY (after a good 25ish minutes) here's the drinks and appetizers. The waitress plops it all down on the table and rushes off back to the other tables around them. Lo and behold...these are not onion rings... these are..... cheese fries? (Not even close!) They catch the waitress as she passes by, explain the problem and she rolls her eyes, sighing QUITE annoyed, and snaps up the plate, stomping the the kitchen. After another 5 minute wait, here she comes with the wings, basically dropping them on the table as she walks by.

So by now, from order to now, they've been waiting another oh...20 minutes? FINALLY here comes the food. Slightly cold, slightly wrong here and there (things like tomatoes when there should be none on a burger, and the fries instead of broccoli request was ignored). But, they figure they've waited long enough, just eat and go. No time during this meal does the waitress come back to ask how things are, ask if they need refills, anything. So, when they've finished the meal, and the bill somehow magically arrives with barely any wait time, they see that this waitress has included a LOVELY 20% tip in their bill. (apparently the restaurant will include gratuity on groups of 6 or more).

Now, they all have a good laugh, and my friend's uncle takes plops down the cash (pays only for the meal/drinks) and then he writes on the "tip" line"be a better waitress", and they leave. They're just getting into the parking lot as the waitress comes running out, yelling "excuse me sir?! You didn't pay completely!" (mind you this is said very rudely). He turns to look at her and chuckles "Oh no, I paid for the food. The service wasn't worth a cent." and he turns, gets into his van and drives off. .

Now LJ didnt let me post this the first internet blinked out and i could only post the first half.
This experience happened to myself and some friends on our vacation last year. We decided to go to applebees for dinner one night (the night after steak and shake actually lol). We sit down, order our drinks and appetizers and sit back. Drinks come quickly. Appetizers do as well. However, Kim (my friend) who ordered buffalo gets terryaki and her should be rasberry lemonade is rasberry iced tea. 

She brings it to our waiter's attention, who apologizes and brings them in back. He comes back with...Barbeque?! Obviously now, shes annoyed because everyone else has gotten their drinks and appetizers correctly. He looks to her when she gets the appetizers and hes like "what?" so she tells him the issue and he walks off. The MANAGER comes up, taking the wings, apologizing, and saying he will not put the wings on our bill. He returns with the correct wings and apologizes.

So, we order our food, and we wait. It's not a horrible wait, although a bit long, no longer than one would really wait in a fairly busy restaurant. The waiter gets to the table and can't remember who ordered what. (Two peope ordered the same burger, just made differently) and hes handing them the wrong ones, he gave my pasta to Kim's fiance and his steak to me. We all just kinda laugh it off and switch plates. That when we notice...all those little things we asked for? No onions and peppers on my pasta thanks, medium for the fiance's steak, and FRIES for everyone's side dish. And LO! No refills on our long empty drinks.

EVERYONE else, excluding Kim, gets a nice side of normal, yummy, shoe string fries. Kim however, does not get her fries at first. Oh no...they come a couple minutes a glass bowl thing...SMOTHERED in this odd oil and spices. Poor Kim. AGAIN the manager comes over and asks if everything is okay. (obviously by now hes noticed our shit service)She tells him all she would like is normal fries and doesnt know why she got the ones she did. (Apparently the fries she got were for the table BEHIND us.)So the manager gets her new fries and the manager apologizes again.

After all is said and done and we've finished our meal we begin our wait for the check. 10 minutes go by...nothing.  A joke is made about whether it is under the napkins (see my steak and shake post if you dont get the reference ^_^). We see our waiter standing at the register, looking around, and frankly, just hanging out over there. After another 20 minutes (hey, we figure that maybe he is new and doesnt know what he is doing exactly) we begin our search for the manager. He is over quick as ever and asks if there is a problem. Now, we didn't want to start a huge problem here, so we tell him, politely "we understand you're kinda busy today, and we don't mean to sound harsh, but, we've been waiting for about  half an hour now for our check, and the waiter hasn't come back. And, we can understand if he is new, but we've had a lot of issues with our food delivery."   the manager looks over toward our waiter as if this is NOT the first time he's heard this about the guy and sits down at our table, apologizing profusely, telling us the entire bill (for our group of 7) is on the house, and that he hopes the experience didnt "ruin our view of his restaurant".

Now of course, we did NOT go back to that restaurant again. But it did make for a fun story to take home.
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