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We (husband and myself) signed up for Time Warner in my apartment in August 08. Went online and saw that the triple play was only $99 a month for the first year. Rock on! We go to sign up for it on their site, only to be told we had to call in. :-\ So we do. The person at TW says due to something that happened with someone who used to live here (owing them money or something) they had to verify that we weren't those people, etc, etc. Ok, no biggie. So we go through the whole deal, and the guy says "Ok, that will be $119.95 a month before taxes and additional movie channels."

Hmmmm? My husband asks why it's not the $99, and TW says, "That's an online deal only." Ook... But we tried to apply online and you said we couldn't, so... Why can't get the deal? The TW guy admits that is a good point, he'll see if he can get it overridden and offer us the $99 plan. We're on hold a while, he comes back and says "Ok, it was authorized, it will be $99 a month." Rock on!

So the guy comes to install the cable, I write him a check for the $99, as the TW guy told me to do. Cable's fine, everything's hunky dory.

10 months goes by, we're ordering movies on our TV, paying the bill on time every month, life is sweet. Until I lose my job due to downsizing. I start looking for holes in our household budget so we can save some money. Cable, of course, is one of the first places I look. We don't really need HBO or Showtime for $20 something a month, so I call TW and ask them to take it off, please? They do so and proceed to tell me "Now your plan is only $119 before taxes."

????? Nooo, it's supposed to be $99. It's not October already, is it? We're supposed to have that deal for a year. TW girl looks into the account, sees that allllll the way at the top of the note page (our first entry) says the $99 plan was authorized... Just never put into effect. So, since we both had jobs and were ordering movies left and right and being dumb we just kept paying this bill with an extra $20 a month for 10 months. I ask for that please to be resolved. I would say you owe me about $200 at this point, and I'll take that in a credit, then I don't have to pay this month's bill.

They say, ok we'll have a supervisor call you back and hammer out the details. Cool. I go in my bedroom to read, they call back, my husband gets the phone before me. He's talking to the supervisor and I hear him say, "Oh. Well... Can't we just get it back as a credit?" This catches my attention, so I go over to him and try to figure out what's going on. He ends the call a few minutes later and tells me, "They tried to offer us the $99 plan from May until May 2010. And I said I'd rather just have a credit for the amount we overpaid. They're putting it on there."

Fast forward to today, when I get a past due note, saying my cable is going to be shut off on the 19th. I call them, ask wtfu? TW guy says "Well I see an $87 credit on here, but that's all." Wtf? Why $87? Should be something in the lines of $200. I'm on hold for ten minutes while they search and look and oooh! There is the note saying...

... My husband agreed to the starting of a $99 a month plan in May.

I politely but firmly inform this gentleman that no, my husband did not agree to that, he asked for a credit for the months we had overpaid. The guy apologized and put me on hold again to get a supervisor. He comes back and he says, "Ok, so you're asking for a $20 credit for every month you've had service? When does that start?" Ummm... August, I think. Can't you tell? "Ok, so August till May, then? 10 months?" I agree, he disappears again, longer than last time. Comes back and says, "Ok, I spoke to K in our billing dept, she said starting tomorrow the credit will show." "How much is it?" "$200." I'm about to agree when I think, ok, that's awesome, but I paid taxes on that extra $200. So I ask where that money will be going. He seems confused, so I explain, "If I had a $99 bill, the taxes are different on that than on a $119 bill. Maybe not by much, but I paid it and I want it to go back into the current balance." I go back on hold. He comes back and says, "Ok, I'm going to call our billing department and I'll call you back in a few minutes to see exactly how much the credit is going to be."

That was an hour ago. I dunno, even if it was only overpaying by .50 or $1, that still adds up to more money that I can use to pay my cable bill this month... Or next month if the credit carries over. So I guess we shall see. I'm just annoyed I got a past due notice when they said they'd take care of it.

Not the worse service in the world, I get that I'm a doofus and should have realized we were paying that much, but how hard is it to fix this? Just... give me my money back? Actually, I don't really even want it. You can still keep it, just use it for what it's for.

The Teal Deers are running RAMPANT in this entry- Time Warner Promised $99 a month bill for a year, but I was paying $119 a month for 10 months before realizing it (yes this was stupid, I get it). I realize it, ask them to refund it. They agree, then try to sign me up for a new contract instead of crediting my account as promised.
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