BlznFireGrl911 (blznfiregrl911) wrote in bad_service,

First post here. YAY and away we go.

So the b/f and I decide to get some lunch today. I suggested Chinese. Well he'll only eat chinese from ONE place. The only place he trusts hes not getting dog or cat from (dont ask, thats another issue) so we get there, expecting it to be a lil busy as its noon and this place is in an office building. So we get a table after waiting about 5 minutes. Waitress comes to the table, (she's about 5'5, 250lbs and knows maybe 6 words of english)

Waitress: Buffet? (sounds like jimmy BUFFET)
Us: no menus please
Waitress: Drink?
B/f: water please
Me: sprite

15 minutes later someone else brings us menus. waitress returns with drinks and menus, sees we have menus and leaves our table without leaving what we thought were *our* drinks. she drops them off at the table behind us. time goes by. She has maybe 4 other tables so we were patient and understanding at first. Finally comes back and asks if we're ready to order. so we order and sit still waiting for our drinks. she brings our egg rolls and my b/f asks about our drinks. oh silly her! she laughs. our drinks finally come and she brings 2 glasses of water. I kindly remind her i wanted a sprite. OH! yes! I forget spreet! ok so i get it. our food comes out almost an hour after we've been there. my glass is 1/2 empty as is the boys. she brings the water pitcher and fills his glass. she had the table next to us, 2 behind us and one across the room. she walked past us to serve/seat/bring drinks to the table behind us 5 times and never once asked if i wanted a refill. so i said forget it and started drinking the water she originally brought out. we sit and wait for our bill and i needed a box. she brings out the box and reaches right infront of my face to grab my container of fried rice. I said no thats ok ill do it and she like threw the box in my lap like i insulted her. so we quickly got outta there. while we were paying the lady asked how everything was and i said if it wasnt for this being the only place my b/f will eat chinese from i wouldnt come back. needless to say it'll be carryout from now on.

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