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Do you know what "advising" means?

Not sure whether to classify this as a WTF or bad_service... maybe a little of both? Technically, I know we don't pay school advisors straight out of our own wallets, but they're part of all those school fees and tuition bills, aren't they?

This is a story back from my days at a four year higher learning facility. :P I was originally on track to be on a blended program that allowed me to receive my teaching credential right after I graduated in four years. Awesome, right? This program required me to take at least 16 units every quarter and had a list of specific classes to pass. As a freshman, I thought my advisor was none too friendly but seemed like she would at least help when I had a question. I breezed through my freshman and sophomore year gen ed classes without needing to see her once.


In the beginning of my junior year I wanted to make sure I was still on track with the program, and wanted to work out a possible schedule for the school year. The website online only gave me a checklist, nothing more. Hence, I popped in during my advisor's office hours. She gave me this "what do YOU want?" kind of look. Right after I said, "Can we go over my class schedule for this quarter? I'd like to check with you and make sure I'm still doing this right," she replied, "It's all online. Look online."

And promptly turned back toward her computer.

I insisted that I really would be more comfortable having her go through the process with me, but she insisted all I needed to do was check online. I gave up and walked out.

That same quarter, I think about a week or two later, I decided I'd try again. I had about 20 minutes between two classes and she still had office hours for another 15 minutes, so I headed to her office again. The moment I stepped in the door? "It's my lunch break. I am not seeing anyone right now. If you need anything, look online and you can find it."

Well, I graduated in 2006, got my BA in Liberal Studies, minus the teaching credential. The funny thing is, I found out later that program was discontinued in my sophomore year. The website didn't say so. I never got an e-mail from my advisor or department about it. The only thing I ever got directly from my advisor was an e-mail in my senior year that told me to let her know if I was graduating in four. Apparently, that's all that was important.

I'm in a state college graduate program now. I love it here and the people are great. I wish I'd done my undergrad here. It would've saved a bundle, too.

I suppose I should've complained. But I'm a very non-confrontational person. And in a way I'm glad I didn't stir up a lot of crap about it, otherwise I wouldn't be going where I go now. I might have gone through a graduate program there and been miserable.

tldr; uni advisor basically tells me to gtfo her office, humans are not necessary for me to interact with concerning my class schedule :P
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