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Don't Dig the Dunkin' Donuts

I usually don't get coffee/drinks at Dunkin Donuts, for a few reasons. Mainly because I never know for sure what does and what does not have fake sugar in it (makes me sick, so I avoid as much as possible), and because of their lack of ability to make rather simple coffees.

As an example, we went into a DD once to order a black iced coffee, and I was trying to figure out how they made their lattes.

Me: Hi there, can you tell me how you guys make your lattes?
Worker: I don't know.
Me: Uhm.. what?
Worker: I don't know, hey man *to coworker* how do we make a latte?
Me: You know, I think I'll pass.
Husband: Can I just get a large black iced coffee?
Worker: How do you want that?
Husband: .... Black.
Worker: How do you want that?! Regular?!
Husband: No, black. No cream, no sugar, just coffee, please.
Worker: Regular?!
Husband: .... Fine, regular.

We get it, it has cream and sugar in it, so we have the coworker remake it as black. @_@ That was an unnecessary ordeal.

The last time was the straw, though.

I was told that the caramel syrup/"swirl" (not shot) doesn't have fake sugar, and GOD DAMN it's delicious in an iced coffee with a little cream. My "regular" order became "a small iced coffee, with 1 cream, caramel swirl, and whipped cream, please." I hadn't had a problem ordering it at a few places, until I went to a 24 hour DD around 11PM and asked for one.

The lady, who was a shift manager, went around the corner to make my coffee, and I heard her say to her coworker, "I hate it when they ask for a caramel swirl."

When I got the coffee, it had cream and whipped cream, but no caramel in it. I asked the lady about it, and she said, "I DIDN'T PUT ANYTHING IN IT" and walked off. ._.;; Then as we were leaving, she yelled, "SHE ONLY ASKED FOR WHIPPED CREAM!" at us as we were going out the door.

Really? Then why was there cream in there?

What really got me, was that she didn't tell me that she couldn't do a "caramel swirl" when I asked for it. If there was going to be an issue, just TELL ME, instead of NOT putting it in there.

Not massive bad_service, but certainly rude and frustrating service. x3
Tags: coffee/doughnuts/bagels
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