thegreatmouton (thegreatmouton) wrote in bad_service,

I don't think texting is in your job description

I'm sitting in the drive-thru for Wendy's. It's really busy. Whenever it's my turn to order, I'm asked to hold for a few moments. Nothing major - like I said, there were lots of cars in the queue and I figured they were just backed up.

Later, when I pull around I realize what the hold up is; the girl taking the orders / handling the cash is putting people on hold so that she can text people, presumably the guy parked across the lot from her window. I sat at her window and watched while she asked the person behind me to hold for a few moments, pick up her phone, text someone, look up and grin at the person across the lot, then take the other person's order before finally taking my money and giving me my change.

I realize this only put an extra minute or two between me and my nuggets, but really... why would you think it's ok to put customers on hold so that you can flirt with some guy across the parking lot?
Tags: *fast food, put the cell phone down, you gotta speak up
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