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Please pay extra for the spiffy dish name.

First time poster, so let me know if I screwed it up.

I went out for diner with my family a while back. There's this one street right on the river and the restaurants there have a reputation for crappy service, because people are going to show up for the location no matter what. So yes, as it turned out, the service wasn't anything to write home about, but we'd anticipated that (it took forever even though we were pretty much the only customers!). That was forgivable.

Not okay however was the food (also nothing to write home about) and in particular my moms order. She ordered the chefs surprise, which as I understand is something the Chef whips up out of whatever he has in his kitchen. Now my mom firmly believes that Chicken isn't restaurant food (because it's too bland, or cheap or something). She didn't specify this to the waitress, so of course her 'surprise turns out to be chicken.
It wasn't just chicken though, but the EXACT SAME chicken dish that was already on the menu... which was cheaper then the Chef's surprise. 

Dear restaurant: No we are not paying more for the exact same dish, just because you call it by a different name. WTF?

EDIT: Just to clarify. My beef is that they tried to charge us more for the 'chef's surprise' then they would have for that same dish under its normal name. I don't care that my mom got chicken, which OMG she doesn't like. She should have said something.
Tags: *restaurant, it's only bad service if you die, kentucky fried suck, no one cares it's your first time, seriously. considering. mentioning., you gotta speak up
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