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A couple of doctor stories.

A few of the doctor stories on here have brought up some memories of my own.

So, until last year (roughly) I had still been going to my pediatrician (i am just turning 21) because i had just switched insurance and was having trouble finding a doctor that would take my insurance. Anyway, one day I go in for a normal physical, and my doctor is just being completely rude. I mean, she always kinda had had been, but it was as if she did NOT want to deal with me at all and that my being there for a physical for college was stupid and a waste of her time. She comes in after the nurse has done her normal weight, blood pressure, anything different routine and sighs annoyed, taking out the stethoscope. She is very short and quick with everything, and then comes the rudeness. She asks why I'm in and I tell her for my required physical for college. She THEN proceeds to say, "well, youre healthy arent you?"
"then you really don't need to come here for a physical, any walk-in clinic would have done."

now im just like WTF? Im paying YOU to be my doctor. She then asks about the birth control that my papers said i was on (my gyno sent the info to her so she'd be informed i was on it). I told her i was, but i had switched to a new kind. She then throws me a dirty look and says "why are you on that? you shouldnt be on that."
so i tell her how bad my monthly cycles are, and all the horrible symptoms i suffer (nearly paralyzing cramps, headaches, nausea, heavier bleeding than a person should experience (lets just say 1 heavy pad per every couple of hours). She scoffs "well, sometimes thats just how periods are, you just have to deal with it. Drugs can't be used to solve everything."

Now, im feeling as if im being treated like a drug user...which im not. somehow, i managed to hold my toungue, left and promptly told my mother i WOULD be finding a new doctor asap.


Now, a few months later, i ended up getting tonsillitis for the first time EVER in my life. I had researched on WebMD and found that all my symptoms pointed to definite tonsillitis, and i knew i needed to see a doctor. My doctor was closed for the weekend (sadly still the same one) and so i went to the walk-in down the street. I sat there for nearly 2 hours, waiting to be seen. I get in the room and tell her I have tonsillitis. She looks at me, smirks and says, "okay, well let me do a test." she does that little throat swab, and comes back in a few minutes telling me that it is just strept and to gargle with salt and water and that i dont need, nor will she put me on antibiotics because its bad enough along that they would not help me. Now, i KNOW i have tonsillitis (sorry but pain and white tonsils KINDA point to that).

So i go to my real doctor the next day and tell her what transpired and that Id rather get her second opinion before i end up even worse from NOT being treated with at least antibiotics. She smirks, and tells me she doubts i have tonsillitis as i've never had it and haven't even had strep in a while. She asks if i've been tired lately and i tell her i had just gotten done with a play (i am an actress) and that i hadnt been getting to bed as early lately. So she tells me thats probably it and takes a swab, walking away, not even looking at my throat. She comes back about 10 minutes later (with a's something they do there after the swab cause it always hurts...especially with strep/tonsillitis). She just nods and says "yep...tonsillitis.. you were right."I  had to keep myself from laughing. She finally looks at my throat, and gives me a prescription.

Lucky me, 8 months later i end up with an even WORSE case of it. I go back to her, and she looks at my throat, and groans, telling me "oh  I've never seen a case that bad. I have no idea why it is that bad. It's been barely a year and youve got tonsillitis again and its worse than the first time. If this happens again before a year is up we might need to consider *motion of cutting them out*"

Lo and behold....about 10 months later..>AGAIN. But...she refuses to do anything, telling me it was far enough spread apart to really be worried. (i almost got it  a 4th time a few months later but realized the oncoming symptoms and stopped it in its tracks.) now i'm just trying to keep healthy so as not to deal with it anymore.

Long story...but true...of a not so great doctor.

Ive got a new one...not such a great one...but at least nicer and more thourough than the other.
Tags: *medical/pharmacy, bloody hell
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