mandalf0688 (mandalf0688) wrote in bad_service,

"Youre gonna hate your job"Now

Now, this wasnt so much a bad service as much as a "WTF?" moment.

So, i recently got hired at the new target they are building in my town (i will be starting tomorrow). I've been having trouble finding red polos ANYWHERE (i literally searched the ENTIRE mall and didnt find any). So, i decided to go to another target store. I find the shirt i need, and go to pay for it.

The girl behind the counter rings out the few other purchases i had made, and then lifts the shirt, smirks, rings it through and says "you just get a job at target?

me: yea
cashier: *nods* where at?
me: the new one in [town its being built in].
cashier: *nods* as what?
me: a cashier (i was smiling, being pleasant and excited at the prospect of a new job)
cashier: *smirks* you're gonna hate your job.


me: *laughs unsure* what??
cashier: you're gonna hate your job. it sucks
me: weeell....i just got out of dunkin donuts so, i doubt i could hate ANY job more than that.
cashier: no...your gonna hate your job.

She then proceeds to tell me all the things wrong with the job, and why i'm going to hate it. Which really just sound like complaints she making because she doesnt like working, and doesnt do things the way she should and gets into trouble for them. So i just laugh nervously, swipe my debit card and walk out.

Mind you, I didnt listen to a word she said, but it was definately a WTF moment. You shouldnt be telling someone how much your job sucks and how much they will hate going into it, WHILE ON THE JOB!

Tags: wal*mart/tarjay/costco
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