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So this happened to me a little while ago at my local camera place.

I am an amateur photographer. I don't know much technical stuff about different kinds of film or anything. All I know is I use the cheapest b&w film my local camera place has (not because it's cheap, but that's how I remember.)

Anyway, I hadn't taken any photos in a while, and when I went in and requested the cheapest b&w film they had, the person behind the desk informed me that they were both the same price. So in the end I went for the blue one. I was vaguely certain that that was my regular film. I did ask the person what the difference was between the two, and they didn't know except for that the blue one was blue, and had a different number on the packet to the orangy one. They both had 24 shots.

So I took my photos over a couple of days. I got some nice ones of my boyfriend's little sister at her birthday party. She was turning 10 I think, so it was a big deal. (double digits!) I also got a few pictures of a friend, who a few days later moved to Darwin (Almost the other side of the country from me.) and of whom I only have one photo of at all.

Then I took it in to be developed. The person behind the counter was different to the one who had sold me the film, but was not the boss lady who I assume actually knows what she's doing in regards to developing film. (Though not in regards to teaching her employees the same skill)
I was asked the usual gloss/matte question and opted for matte.
An hour later I returned, and before I could even quote my name to pick up my photos the lady asked me if I was the one with the b&w film. I said yes. She informed me, and not very sympathetically, that my film was special film that had to be sent away to be developed, except the person who had taken my film hadn't known that, and had put it through the regular machine and now all of my pictures were wiped.
She really didn't sound sorry, but she gave me free film and a docket for free processing when I took that film back. The thing is though, photos are priceless. They are memories, and i think if she had even looked half sympathetic then that would have gone alot further towards paying me back for my loss than about $20 worth of free film and developing.

So maybe I should have known more about film. I did photography in high school, but they bought their film in bulk. It was always the same stuff. I never even saw the box, they just handed it out when we needed it.

Thing is, this isn't the first time something has happened. When I first got the camera off my mum I bought my first roll of b&w from there and took test pictures. Not only did none of those pictures turn out, but on finding out that they had all been blank, the assistant threw the film in the bin and just forgot about it. When I returned for my pictures, no-one knew where they were. I gave them my number, and a few days later the lady rang and told me they had been found in the bin, where they had been chucked because they hadn't turned out. Not even one apology. At the time I just thought I hadn't done the light settings right, because it worked different to the ones I used in High School. But now I think about it, I didn't do anything different to how I'm using it now. It had been overcast that day too, and I thought that that had something to do with it. But I've taken pics on overcast days since then. So now, with this new incident, I am beginning to think that the same thing happened the first time, but no-one admitted it. I can't remember what color the film was the first time, it was quite a while ago. But given the choice by an ill-informed assistant, I would have went for the blue. The color was just nicer, and things like that always affect my sub-conscious decisions.

The point to this entire rant is that two separate employees working at a camera place did not have a clue at the difference between the blue film and the orange film. It isn't really that hard. They are the only two b&w films they sell. They are both the same brand, but obviously have different qualities. How hard is it to just tell everyone that the blue one needs sending away? Perhaps they could just make a sign and stick it to the processing machine. I tell you, the lady was really lucky that there wasn't anything on that film completely irreplaceable. What if I had photographed my dying dog for the last time? Or even wedding photos? If that had been the case I'm sure that I would have vaulted the counter and punched her in the face. She just didn't care!

Anyway, I had been warned about Camera House Nowra by a few different photographers. But I'm no professional. All I need out of my camera place is that they give me film, and then stick it through a machine when I'm done with it. I seriously didn't think that required an inordinate amount of skill. Obviously, I was wrong.

So i have just finished my free roll of film (the second time around, I asked for the orange one.) and once they've processed my film, I'm going elsewhere. Permanently. I'm usually very forgiving to shops, but this is the end for me.

Camera House Nowra: Avoid it!

--edit-- I just noticed that I actually wrote that I might have vaulted the counter and punched the lady in the face. Which of course I wouldn't do, I was just very angry when I wrote this and exagerating is in my blood. The thing is, i read another post where a boy from France said he wanted to punch a store worker over a game and everyone said he had anger problems. I mean he didn't actually punch the guy, he did say he punched a wall, but he didn't say how hard, and just tapping a wall in frustration is normal so far as I know, if your the emotional and passionate kind. Which this guy seemed to be. Anyway, I'm a gamer aswell and I just hope that that didn't come into how the commenters treated him because I don't think that photogpraphy as a hobby is any more legitimate than gaming, or any more a reason to get upset.
I know it's in the rules that you shouldnt post here if you cant hack the comments but its also in the rules that you should attack the issue not the person and I think the comments on that post got a little too much like "lets attack the gamer because they have no life and it isnt a valid life coice to spend most of your free time gaming." How is this relevent to bad service? they gave him a bad service and that was unfair.
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