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Hewlett-packard _stinks_!

I bought a Hewlett-Packard flatscreen monitor last June (2004). Unfortunately my desktop compu-saurus died before I set it up, so it's just been in my closet since then. Earlier this week my fiancee bought a new computer, so we hooked up my spiffy HP flatscreen to his spiffy new computer. Mind you, I have set up computers many, many times, so I know how to do it.

The thing wasn't on six hours before the monitor (which had just been taken out of the original packaging!) started flashing and SMOKING! I have never, ever in my life had a comp component actually emit smoke, but this bloody monitor did on the first day we set it up. But that's not the beauty part- I called their tech support and they tried to tell me that the one-year warranty had expired, six months after I bought it.

I don't think so!

So today I faxed them a copy of my receipt from Amazon, requesting they call me back when they get it. Naturally they didn't. Apparently just because I bought a $500 monitor from them doesn't mean I rate a returned call. So tomorrow I'll have to call and complain at somebody yet again. They bloody well better fix this, and fix it well, because I am getting seriously PO'd.
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