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This happened to my family a few year ago, and now it's just an amusing story. At the time it was definitely a "what the hell?" type situation.

Every June my family goes to Wisconsin. We typically stop in Tomah, WI as it's about half way to our destination for lunch. We usually do McDs or Culvers, but as we'd gotten an early start we went to Perkins instead.

The first thing that made us raise our eyebrows: Waitress mentions she's the head waitress...and she's only been working there for a week.

The 2nd: Our waitress quits and walks out.

The 3rd: Our NEXT waitress mentions the reason the waitress quit was because the manager screamed/cussed at her. Which explains why the couple a few tables away were commenting about someone shouting in the kitchen.

The 4th: We have to wait almost 2 hours for our food.

In hindsight we should have just left, but at that point the whole thing was just so weird, and we got to joking and laughing with folks around us in the same boat we wanted to see it through to the end. Needless to say we have never gone back to that Perkins.

Needless to say we haven't been back.
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