Shayna Punim (auburngrl) wrote in bad_service,
Shayna Punim

no toast for you!

a couple years back the local diner near my parents place in philadelphia had just changed hands, and we decided to visit it for breakfast one day to if anything had changed...and it had.

the part that relates to this community was my order of wheat toast that i ordered to go with my egg white omelet. you know, the toast that comes complimentary with any omelet, including the way the menu read at this diner. never came...after asking for it FOUR times. during request two or three the server told us that the toaster was really "busy" and he had to wait a moment. but then...nothing. finally, the meal was over. without clearing the table, the server brought the check. "why didn't you bring the toast i requested multiple times?," i said. "did the toaster break?" "well, no it didn't," he answered, "i saw you were finished with your eggs and so i thought you wouldn't want it anymore."

this was sad, because, generally, when a customer orders something repeatedly in a restaurant, it does, in fact, mean they want it. it is not a mind trick. the manager was running the cash register, and when we told him what had happened he offered us rice pudding to take home.

still, for this and general quality of food, we've never gone back....and my family had been going there for 20 years before it changed owners.
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