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Hi, I'm new...but when I saw this community on spotlight I knew I had to join.

Anyways. This happened awhile back. A group of four of us went out to TGI-Friday's for dinner at about 7:00. First, we were almost completely ignored by the hostess...but, happens. So we sit down for our meal and start trying to decide what we want.

Our waitress comes up, no smile or anything...doesn't greet us at all...and says "do you need a minute?" We all say yes since we just sat she leaves. We all decide on what we want and then chat amongst ourselves. 10 minutes pass...20 minutes pass...finally she comes back (please note, they weren't busy at all), with no apology for the delay), and we order our meals as well as an appetizer.

30 minutes pass and we still haven't gotten our even our appetizer. So my fiance (who is a server at another restaurant) decides to go and ask about it at the server station that's pretty close to our table. He explains the situation politely and asks if they know how much longer it will be. They seem appalled and say they'll have it right out. We then hear them screaming the waitress's name and asking about why our table hasn't received the appetizer. Shortly thereafter, she comes out with the apology, nothing...and walks off quickly before we can say anything to her.

Since we've been there for almost an hour now, our drinks are completely empty, which she ignored as she dropped off the appetizer. We start on the appetizer and it's cold...but we decide not to push the issue (mostly because my fiance was like 'i know how it is...i know how it is...lets just cut her some slack').

Finally, our food arrives and we have the chance to ask for refills on the drinks that have been empty for an hour. The food was awful. My burger was cold, as were the fries. My friend's soup was warm, but had a skin on the top like it had been sitting for quite awhile. So, at this point...we're all pretty fed up and ask another waiter (because our waitress had not returned for awhile) if we could speak with the manager.

The manager comes over...and we explain the situation...trying to be nice, but feeling like we've really just been gipped. He cuts me off in the middle of speaking and says "well, you know we're really busy and I'm sure she's doing the best she can...but I'll comp. part of your meal." Okay? You're going to make part of our meal complimentary, but defend your waitress and basically act like we're making it up or just making a big deal out of nothing.

So we wait and wait for the check, when FINALLY the waitress comes by and says (while walking away) that our check has been taken care of and we can leave. This is seriously after waiting for 30 minutes. We were under the impression that we were still going to have to pay for part of the meal...but apparently not. And apparently, they were "too busy" to let us know about that.

My fiance, who is wayyyy too nice, decides to go up to the manager and apologize if the manager felt that we were being unfair towards the waitress. My fiance explained that he is a server and he understands that things get hectic in a restaurant. But, all the manger had to say to my fiance was that if he's a server then he should "get it" and know not to complain. ????

This was one of the worst restaurant experiences of my life...I refuse to go back.
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