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plant favoritism

I went to the plant store around the corner, where I've spent roughly $1000 this season on plants, with a friend of mine that one of the cashiers happens to be smitten with. When I had picked out my plants and brought them to the bench, we started making idle chitchat. I mentioned that my friend had dragged me out in the hottest part of the day to go buy mint. He said "Oh! That's why you look so familiar. You're XXXX's friend!" No...I look familiar because I've spent  9 billion dollars in here over the past two months but we'll let that slide. He then launched into a litany about how beautiful she is, and how intimidating beautiful women are, but it's GOOD THAT SHE BRINGS ME WITH HER BECAUSE I AM NOT INTIMIDATING.
I tried not to be insulted by that, but in truth I was a little irked. "Yeah you're ugly so you're not scary to me." Thanks dude.
When she came in with her plants and put them on the bench, he began to very carefully seperate mine from hers, something I found weird because generally we do that ourselves. He started bagging them up, and he seemed to be obviously stalling. He kept asking her, over and over again, if there was anything else she needed to go find. Finally he suggested some sweet woodruff, and told her where it was.
When she went out for it he quickly rang me up, took my money, and then stood there holding her bags in his hands. She came back in with her sweet woodruff, he took them, put them in the bags and then REFUSED TO TAKE HER MONEY! He gave her two big bags of plants for free, all the while looking at me with a very weird look on his face. Nervous kind of.
When we started to walk home, she commented on our having gotten free plants.
When I pointed out that only SHE got free plants, having realized by now that he sent her back out to get the woodruff because he didn't want her to see him making ME pay when he wasn't going to make HER pay, she stopped dead in her tracks and said "He made YOU pay but not me?"
Well yes. Because he thinks she's beautiful and he's in love with her, so her money is no good there.
I'm the ugly unintimidating friend and my money is perfectly good.

I personally think it was rude, unprofessional, and  seriously sucky service.

Especially since she lives out of town and is only in town about once every few months, and I'm in there several times a week unloading a TON of bank with them. Regular customer gets no perks, pretty out of towner gets $60 in plants for free..
Tags: "greatest" cashier evar!, retail
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