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The PC-game industry is FULL of problems. The main one has to do with buggy games. You see a lot of people bitching about buggy games for the PC, but few people complain about bugs in a video game (such as PS2, etc). There’s a lot of reasons for that, including platform instability, game engines, so forth.

But what I’ve just gone through is insane, and completely

For my birthday (in November) my fiance bought me Rollercoaster Tycoon 3. He and I both enjoyed RCT2 and liked the look of RCT3. I happily took it, installed it on my computer, and everything ran fine. Updated to patch 1 to take care of some things. Game ran even better.

Suddenly, on the 17th of January (last week) it stopped working. Several days previously, I had updated to patch 2, and then added some bonus content that I received from the Prima Guide for the game. It ran fine when I started it up. Several days later, it stopped working. Even worse, it was locking up my computer completely. I couldn’t even get to the Main Menu screen before my computer froze. I went to their forum to try and get some help for the game crashing, and got a little bit of help… not a lot.

Did some of the things I was told, and instead of FIXING the problem, it caused my game to RESTART my computer when it reached the Main Menu screen! More tinkering, more instruction following, and I thought I had it fixed at last. I could get into the game and play it. But when I tried to save the game I was working on… you guessed it, it froze. I went back and asked for more help, and got basically a rehash of “you need to do this and that” – which I had ALREADY done.

C’mon. I didn’t pay good money for a game to have it suddenly quit for no good reason two months after I bought it. They were saying, “oh, your computer is causing the problem,” and I told them, “My computer has not changed since I installed the game. It ran fine for two months. The only thing that changed between then and now is that I added an upgrade that YOU made, and bonus content that, again, YOU made. Your buggy code is causing my game to not work. And you’re attempting to tell me that my computer setup is inadequate?”

I wish I could get my money back.
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