Kim (elevatordrop) wrote in bad_service,

The b!tch at KFC

Last night a friend and I were at KFC to pick up some food for a fatty sleepover dinner. While we were deciding what to get, an old man comes in and slowly walks (the way elderly people do) to the counter and this is what happens...

Elderly man: Can I please use the bathroom? (most people don't ask, but he obviously didn't know where it was)
Cashier: What?
Elderly man: Can I please use the bathroom?
Cashier: *rolls eyes* No! You have to be a customer to use it.
Elderly man: Oh okay. I'll have some small chips.
Cashier: Okay that's $0.00 (how ever much the chips were. Can't remember)
Elderly man: May I please use the bathroom now?
Cashier: What?!
Elderly man: Can I use the bathroom now?
Cashier: Well you could have just said "Can I use the bathroom now?" in a clear voice! Y' know I can't hear you when you talk like that!
My friend: The bathroom is over there *points the man in the direction of the bathroom*
Elderly man: Thank you!

The girl was a f*cking bitch! He was an elderly man, so it's not like he was purposely trying to talk quiet! We could hear what he was saying at least! We felt so bad for the man, especially because it seemed as though he was really busting to go to the toilet.

Tags: *fast food, stupid ageism
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