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Psychologist troubles

Reading through this community unearthed one of my worst service encounters in my memory. I still can barely believe it happened. The second encounter was not nearly as bad, but was still a bit 'unprofessional' (maybe to some) and embarrassing at the time.

1) My first encounter was from when I was seeing a psychologist for the first time about my medication which I take for severe anxiety. He was asking basic questions about my anxiety and life, and my mother was in the room with me. On one of the questions-- I can't for the life of me remember what it was about-- my mother and I began to answer at the same time, and she was way off on it. I smiled and 'shh'-ed her playfully.

I realize to others it may be disrespectful, but my mother and I have a very playful and no-hard-feelings relationship when it's a good day. It's common for us to act in such a way to each other. I suppose it may have come off as rude and disrespectful to my psychologist, who was not from my country and may have had a stricter upbringing than I have.

He began yelling at me, and though I was far too horrified to remember the extent of what he said, he was basically lecturing me by calling me disrespectful, and how I should never, ever speak to my mother in such away. I tried defending myself by saying that I wasn't disrespectful, and I glanced to my mother for support, but she just kind of sat there, looking at me. She said later that she didn't really know what to do; I think she was enjoying playing the 'poor mother' routine, but for those who don't know her, you wouldn't understand. Perhaps your mothers are the same? Either way, her silence just broke the dam. I started to cry right there in front of him, despite my will not to, and he said something along the lines of, "You're crying because you /know/ you're disrespectful to her! I would never be disrespectful to my mother," before writing my prescription and sending me out. I couldn't even respond because I was scared of sobbing in front of him.

The building is only one floor and very small, and the doors have the sound machines but he was yelling so loudly I had no doubt that others heard. It was humiliating. Needless to say, I refused to EVER go back to him again. Later we learned he's used to dealing with alcoholics/druggies, but that didn't really change how mortified I was.

2) My second psychologist was far nicer than my first, let me just say that right now. But when I went in for my first session, he had a little misunderstanding about who I was. I walked into the back hall and waited for him to lead me to his office while he looked over some papers. After a while he lifted his head and-- as this wasn't nearly as mortifying or pushed out of my memory, I can remember the gist of what was said-- said, "What are you waiting for? You know where my office is!" This wasn't said in a mean way at all, more playful than anything.

Now, I was very timid at that age, so I didn't say anything. I just turned and looked around and slowly began walking down the hall, desperately waiting for him to come along so he could lead me. Eventually he did and it was only after we sat down in his office and he looked over his papers more thoroughly that he said, "Oh. You're not who I thought you were. Why didn't you say anything?!" We laughed over it, and it was only a minor bump in the road, but I suppose it's a sort of WTF moment.

And, off topic, if I did anything wrong in my post or settings, please let me know. I'm glad to become part of this community (not so glad that there are people to drive one to become part of this community, however).
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