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So, I was out with my little sister...

Location: Wendy's.

This isn't as horror-story as some of the others, but I still thought it was kind of rude.

So, I was out with my little sister- who was around thirteen years old- getting food at Wendy's. Now, Valerie (my lil sis) is pretty shy around people she doesn't know well. Her body language screams discomfort, and her voice gets all softly polite and unsure.

Anyway, we order separately. I pay and then wait by the counter to get my food. The woman asks her order. Valerie says, "A plain crispy chicken sandwich, please, and a medium Diet Coke,"- which is what she always orders. I heard her order this and, though her voice was in shy-mode, her words were distinct. Like, she wasn't whispering or mumbling egregiously. Shy, but clear.

The woman gives her the total, which is somewhere around 5 bucks. By this point I had walked away to get a straw while we waited for her food. But that's not the correct total for a dollar sandwich and a drink, which is more around 3 or 4 bucks. Valerie, confused but not wanting to ask why it was so high, paid the woman. When I got back to the counter, Valerie looked really worried and confused. So, I asked what the problem was and when she told me, I looked at the receipt. It charged 3 bucks for a crispy FISH sandwich, not 1 dollar for a crispy CHICKEN sandwich.

Which was fine. This is Wendy's. Order miscommunications are delt with pretty easily. So, because Val is shaking her head that she doesn't want to be the one to bring it to her attention, I show the receipt to the woman and say, politely, "Excuse me, but she ordered a crispy chicken sandwich. She was charged for a fish sandwich." I didn't think it'd be a big deal. She misheard my sister. It happens. Little did I know...

The woman stares at me and says, "No, she ordered a plain crispy fish sandwich." To which I reply definitely, "No, she didn't. She said crispy chicken. Can you fix her order?"

So, she gives me a look that screams that she thinks I'm lying, turns around, and shouts, "Guys, swap the fish sandwich for a crispy chicken. The girl changed her mind." This was said rudely. Meanwhile, I'm a bit flabbergasted that was calling me a liar; that's shitty customer service. Period.

She turns around, glares at me, takes a key to open the safe, and gives me the difference between the two sandwiches. It took her a minute to do all that, and the entire time she was frosty and rude. I take the money and say, "Thanks." Our food is ready and we leave to sit. I didn't say anything back or get pissy because I figured the woman was just having a rough day, you know? But, of course, Valerie's 'fear' of ordering her own food worsened. She implores whoever she's with to order for her. Ugh.

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