the Schwarzschild Ulna (aeolian_harp) wrote in bad_service,
the Schwarzschild Ulna

You're STILL patronizing my business?

I work at a place where students study for one semester at a time. There is a bagel shop nearby that is very popular for the students, and it's a small place so the same guy works there every single day. He is used to seeing students who come by almost every day, but almost for a semester.

But after I established (several times) that I am NOT a student, and in fact am here for an extended period of time, he had to continually ask me why I was "still here".

In November: So, I guess you're leaving soon.
Me: No, actually, I'll be here until August.
In December: Oh, wow, you haven't left yet!
Me: No, I work here. I'll be here until August.
At the end of the semester in May: Wow, you're STILL HERE?!?!
Me: Yes, I'll be here until August.
In June: Wow, you're still here! Congratulations, you win the award for being here the longest!
Me: Actually I'm going to be here for another two months.

And several other times.

I understand he is trying to make small talk, but seriously, it is not polite to tell people that they're "supposed" to be gone. I guess he would rather not have my business?

(I know I'm probably over-sensitive, it just makes me feel self-conscious)
Tags: ^wtf, coffee/doughnuts/bagels
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