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Dentists (shudder)

I just saw someone else post about a dental experience which brought one of my own flooding back. I was in college at the time and still pretty shiney and naive with respect to how the world functions. It was time to find a local dentist since it had been a number of years since I'd been back to the hometown dentist. I find this guy not that far down the road and make an appointment.

The cleaning occurs and I have 4 cavities (thanks to a nasty soda habit, my own fault there). I should have been concerned when he was laughing to his assistant right there in the cleaning room saying this was the worse mouth he'd seen on an adult. (WTF!) Not really following my instincts at the time, I went back to the followup appointment to get the cavities filled.

1st shot of novacaine and wait a little bit. He comes back. I don't feel numb and I tell him so. He decided to give it a little more time. He comes back. I don't feel numb and I tell him so. He decided to give it a little more time. He comes back and I don't feel numb. I tell him so again. He decides I don't know what I'm talking about and proceeds to go ahead with the work. Once he starts drilling, I am without a doubt solidly convinced that, yes in fact, I am not numb. As the pain level skyrockets, I start writhing like a fish on a hook. He chuckles to himself that "Oh, I guess you weren't numb." He then gives me pretty painful individual novacaine shots at the base of each of the 4 teeth he was going to work one. All of these shots were without the benefit of that nasty tasting swab of topical anesthetic that generally proceeds a novacaine shot.

To add insult to injury, they managed to F up the insurance claim somehow and I ended up receiving the whole bill. The bill which included itemized charges for each of those damn novacaine shots.
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