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Buy.com - legitamately bad service

I was somehow reminded of a very nasty experience I had with this E-tailer by a friend who recently tried to return something unrelated to them and encountered problems as well. This happened years ago sadly, and it is kinda sad that I remember it still enough to bother posting about it but it was just exceptionally bad service. The worst I think I've encountered from an E-tailer before.

I had placed an order in late august or early september for a big title game that was sure to sell out. At the time I had made several hundred dollars with internet advertising which I was using to do all my christmas shopping. I needed to find an E-tailer that accepted paypal and at the time there were not many that did which carried this game. My boyfriend's birthday is also december first. The game was due out in mid November. I had also ordered some other things at the same time which arrived fine. However the issues that I had with getting this game were horrific. I did not receive the game until febuary... - almost 7 months after I ordered it. This is, believe it or not, not a gross exaggeration. Sadly, it really was OVER half a YEAR before I got the items which I ordered. I tried to do a paypal reversal pretty early on after a few interactions with customer service) and was told that i had to take my issue up with the e-tailer. /sigh.

My interactions with customer service were as follows
1.) I place my order for the stuff, many months in advance knowing 1.) holidays are busy, 2.) the game was a big title game which was going to be hard to find 3.) I wanted him to have the game as soon as it came out because it was an mmorpg expansion which meant that guild mates and friends would leave us behind if we didnt get the game expansion at launch - it's a gamer thing. So yeah I place my order, buying probably about 300 dollars worth of stuff total (gifts for friends plus 1 copy of the expansion for myself as well)

2.) The stuff arrives, except for the game since it's not released yet, cool no problem, start wrapping stuff

3.) A few weeks later another package comes, with 2 games - the problem? They were not what I ordered not even close. What I ordered were pc games, these were nintendo DS games, not even the same name/title, not the same system, not what I ordered.

4.) No big, I figure I will just call customer care - The number on their website is hidden (or it was several years ago, it it was even there at all.) I had to google it and found horror stories abound about this company and their customer service. But I did find the 1800 number.

5.) I explain my sittuation she says no problem we'll send an envelope back and send out the correct games. - envelope comes, I return the games. Some time passes, game has now been released, I call and ask whats going on

6.) First girl I get says ah yes I see it here we will ship it right away you should have it in 7-10 days.

7.) almost 2 weeks pass, I call again, they say "We're sorry it's out of stock" UHM NO I PREORDERED IT MONTHS AHEAD OF TIME AND I'LL BE DAMNED if I'm going to take that shit, you find me a copy of the game now - in more polite words than that. I repeatedly ask to speak to a manager, they CLAIM there arent any there. Me, working in a call center knows that's highly unlikely. Finally I get someone that says they will work on putting in a special order from one of their suppliers. I ask her if she will note the account with the information and stress that it's a christmas pressent and needs to be here in the next 6-7 weeks. She assures me I will have it before Christmas.

8.) I call back again and am told "It's been shipped" You should have it in 7-10 days. Great I think to myself. I wait... And wait. It is now december. It was supposed to be a gift mind you. His birthday has already passed so I gave him his xmas gifts for his birthday and explained the sittuation with the package. I'm also miffed as a gamer because I dont have my copy yet either, but more sad that I couldnt get him his birthday gift.

9.) I call back about 2-3 weeks before Christmas. They say it was never shipped, they say there's no notes on the account about anything. I spend over an hour on the phone trying to get everything straightened out and am angry that I was lied to. They had me call the shipping company to check it, instead of placeing me on hold or calling me back and checking it for me. I call the shipping company and they tell me they cannot help me without an invoice number. I call back to buy.com and explain my sittuation again, again they want me to call the shipping company. I get mad at this point and tell her what just happened 30 minutes ago and how I've been on hold twice already (not her fault but I'm getting no where with this company.) She then does a conference call like a good CSR and we begin to get to the bottom of things between buy.com and the shipping company. She appologizes and yadda yadda yadda everything should be fine and it should of course be in my possession in "7-10 days"

10.) I call back many, many many more times and still have not received my items. At this point I'm pretty upset and do kinda freak out - it's been over 4 or 5 months since I ordered at this point. And I know it's not the CSR's fault but damn... Eventually I DO get to speak to a manager after going through this circle jerk for half a year already. - about 3-4 weeks go by and a manager finally returns my call saying they have located the games and have placed an order from the supplier. About another 4 weeks go by before I get my games.

Needless to say, I have never ordered anything from then since this incident.

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