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Giant Eagle and Circuit City.

Today I'm in Giant Eagle with my mom.  Now don't get me wrong, I love Giant Eagle.  Today just happened to suck.  It's kind of crowded, they've only got a few lanes open and we have a cart full of stuff.  Sigh.  But fine, we don't have anywhere to be.  We get in line behind a woman with a whole big cart of stuff as well.  We wait, and wait, and wait.  Lady tries to pay with her Access card (which is food stamps, basically) and then realizes she has no idea how to do it.  My mom is getting impatient, but I'm like "Oh you know times are tough, maybe she just got on assistance, etc. etc."  So we stand there.  And stand there.  Cashier calls for a manager.  Manager comes, some shit I don't understand goes down, and the cashier ends up printing out the lady's receipt and the lady moves off to the side.  She's on her phone.  Fine.  Cashier starts ringing up our stuff.  There's no bagger, so my mom is packing our stuff.  Then Access Lady says something like "OH I GOT MY PIN NUMBER", so the cashier looks at me and says "Oh sorry, I've got to fix her slip for her."  Then she SUSPENDS OUR TRANSACTION to re-ring the first lady's stuff by typing in the SKUs from her slip.  OH HELL NO.  WTF.  There is a customer service desk for this exact purpose, we already waited in line for SEVERAL minutes, and now we have to wait AGAIN while you interrupt OUR transaction?!!??!

I just stood there silently, and I know my mom wanted to say something but neither of us did because what would it achieve?  The Access Lady was obviously embarrassed and kept apologizing to my mom, but the cashier was just like "Whatever."  It took another eight minutes for her to type the SKUs in, slide the card, print out the new slip, then resume our transaction.  GRRRR.  We just wanted to get out of there.

Second story comes from the now-defunct Circuit City, because a post about phone manners reminded me.  In letter format:

Dear Customer Service people at Circuit City:
You fucking suck. You are terrible at your jobs. When I call you and I hear, "ThankscallingsldjgldjgkerihergrthisisSandyhowmaysdgjdkgjre", one, speak clearly and two, slow down. What the hell did you even say? Then, when I ask to speak to Boyfriend McSpankypants in TVs or PCs, (for the third time) the correct response is not to snap your gum a few times, go "uhhhhhhhhhh" into the phone for awhile, and then say dumbly "Oh... who? I don't know if he's here... let me check...." and before I get the chance to say "This is his girlfriend, and he IS there, I took him to work", hang up on me. Fuck. You. I understand that phones are hard, but Christ if you don't know how to make a transfer, ask someone or just put the line on hold and call the person over the loudspeaker.  Or over the walkie-talkies you have.  This is the third time I have called and been hung up on.  You are rude, unconcerned and lazy and I hate you.

*Edited to add:  I don't call my boyfriend at work all the time just to talk to him.  This was a one-time thing, and something had happened that I REALLY needed to talk to him about, and he had forgotten his cell phone at home.

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