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Acacia Hope

The God Forsaken Friendly’s

My family (my mother and my three older sisters) and I used to frequent Friendly’s quite often when I was younger, maybe about six years ago. It seems like every time we went there, something went wrong and I honestly wonder why we kept on going there.
Now, all of the problems we faced were at numerous different Friendly’s in different towns with different workers but there was still almost always something wrong. Since I remember numerous stories, I’ll just go over a few:

The one that sticks out in my mind the most was when I went to a Friendly’s in my town (which has since closed due to quite a few hepatitis outbreaks there over the years). I was there with my mom and two of my sisters and the way I was sitting, I could see into the kitchen area. I was about 8 at the time, so this was about 8 years ago. I saw the “chef” making a sandwich without any gloves on and then proceeding to touch uncooked chicken without gloves on. Even at 8 years old, I knew this was wrong and I alerted my mom to this. She looked, saw the gloveless woman, shudder and told me that if that was our food, she’ll send it back.

Similarly, my eldest sister was out with friends a few years back, probably when I was around 13 or 14 and she actually saw the food preparer sneeze into her/his hands and then continue to make a salad. The salad was for my sister’s friend and the friend ended up not even touching the salad after my sister warned her.

One of the worst times I remember at Friendly’s was when my mom, my sisters (the two middle ones) and I went out to get ice cream at the one in our town. We got in the place and it was completely insane inside: kids running around and screaming, parents not paying attention and servers just off gabbing in the corner. We waited at the front, waiting to be seated, for about 15 minutes even though we could literally see about five empty tables and the servers obviously ignoring us. A line had formed behind us and as one of the waitresses finally started her way our, this overweight woman shoved my mother out of the way, yelled at me to stop being bratty (WTF? I had been standing there quietly) and waddled over to meet the waitress to be seated. My mom was pissed and took us to another ice cream parlor in town. I’m pretty sure that was the last time we ever went there as a family.

Typing all this now, I remember yet another town: I was at a local mall with my sister and we went to go get ice cream from Friendly’s. Now, I’m allergic to tree nuts so I have to be careful, especially with ice cream sundaes. I ordered something, I forget what, and I remember specifically asking for it without the walnuts and saying that I was allergic. The waiter took our orders, left and returned about 15 minutes later with our ice cream. Surprise, surprise, mine had walnuts on it but they were under the whipped cream and I actually didn’t notice at first. It was only because my sister screamed and knocked my spoon out of my hand that I realized there were walnuts and that I was about to eat a spoonful of them. My sister waved the waiter over and asked for a new sundae for me. He groaned, took the sundae back and brought me a new one. Only this time, it was the wrong kind of sundae. My sister made him take it back, talked to the manager and I got free ice cream and some coupons for a free cone.

Luckily, all of the Friendly’s mentioned in this post have all since closed, mostly due to health code violations.
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