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Bah to Cell Phone companies


I really am beginning to detest you. We are loyal to you, and you do nothing but treat us like the imbeciles you obviously think we are.
Loyalty to the very end, we would never think of switching cell phone companies, and you were my first and only cell phone company! What happened to calling in and expressing concern or a problem and it being handled professionally and as quickly as possible? Now we have to deal with 8,000 dollars in charges that are certainly not my fault. You would think that changing your number would let you know that no, no one was going to in fact use that number again in the family. To not have one call, or outgoing texts on that number for more than three years, would you not think that in fact no.. we are not using that number? Instead you send premium texts that charge us an steep fee for each one we did not get and not let us know that something was wrong? I understand that your CEO died unexpectedly, but that does not mean you can ignore the injustice in not refunding anything. I cannot believe this! I still can't. Does it not concern you that the number of people abandoning your company due to their issues? I don't think you get it, that customer service is just a little bit more important than having the latest in cell phones, and being the cold company you are. I do know that one more issues, and I mean it, One more issue and I will walk away. Telus is just as good, has the same phones, and frankly their commercials are cuter than yours. Think of the meercats Rogers! I will hate it, but I will do it, and I will not look back.

An extremely disappointed customer.

Edit: Due to the confusion.. I changed my number through the proper chanels. I called in to suspend the number until I went to an actual store and changed the number. They switched it to it's own account but billed it to my mom. Rogers says that it doesn't make sense which is why it can't do anything unless we go higher up the chain.
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