Honorable Mikado of Nekosong (mikadosok) wrote in bad_service,
Honorable Mikado of Nekosong

computer station woes

Dear A & S,
When hubby took our computers to you, you didn't have anything, or anyone to do anything for. We were your first customers for the day, so, since you BUILT hubby's computer in the first darn place, you could have gotten right on it, found out which game we had both installed had messed his up, and thrown my elderly computer into the reboot loop.

These are casino games...I had installed them, to check and see if one could be installed, since he had taken his up there to, well, clear his up, and reinstall the games. They claimed this one game could not be installed...huh, I had no problem.

Ok, so they tell him, call back at four, your computer should be done, and we should have looked at the other tower. He calls, 'oh...well, we just had some other computers dropped off, so we are checking them'

This is not the first time this has happened. Now, I can understand if the FBI brings over computers and tells you 'get the memory off these, so we can get a printout of what they have' Six towers, all with FBI stickers on them. Yeah, ok, no problem. I also understand that it could take some time to get memory stuff for an elderly computer.

This time...ever heard the phrase first in first out? Just because hubby and I have used your services since you opened your tiny, stinky, smelly filthy shop (and you were going to vacuum when?)(oh yes, and stop smoking when you're peering into the guts of my computer, kthanx)

Yeah, if my computer isn't done by monday night...think I'll just take it and go to the other place that charges a few bucks more, but has more people to take care of things.
Tags: tech support

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